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I'm an Experience Designer and User Researcher with a degree in Psychology. I hail from Delavan, WI, went to school in Minneapolis, MN, and currently reside in Chicago, IL.


I started off my college education at the University of Minnesota studying architecture and interior design, but ultimately got my degree in Psychology in 2014. While in school, I helped conduct a lot of awesome cutting-edge research in the areas of personality, individual differences, and cognitive ability, while also maintaining an independent focus in the areas of creativity, counseling, and motivation. After graduation, I attended General Assembly's User Experience Design Immersive course in San Francisco with aims to become a professional UX Designer. Once the course completed, I joined the design team at SAP SuccessFactors, where I worked from 2014-2021. In December 2021, I joined the Product Design team at Compass where I work on web and mobile apps for real estate agents.


User  Experience is the perfect crossroads of the three things I am most passionate about: design, technology, and human behavior. I'm consistently inspired by the way that designed user experiences in software, websites, and video games shaped me throughout my childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood.


I've also been completely obsessed with theme parks ever since my first trip to Orlando, FL when I was six years old, and I've begun to connect the dots of how my UX Design and Research skillset can be adapted to the world of Themed Entertainment Design; to enhance the experiences of guests in physical spaces such as theme parks, museums, stores, resorts, and other themed environments. 

Are you interested in these things, too? Let's talk!

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