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I'm a Senior Product Designer with a degree in Psychology. I hail from Delavan, WI, went to school in Minneapolis, MN, and currently reside in Orlando, Florida.


I started off my college education at the University of Minnesota studying architecture and interior design, but ultimately got my degree in Psychology in 2014. While in school, I helped conduct a lot of awesome cutting-edge research in the areas of personality, individual differences, and cognitive ability, while also maintaining an independent focus in the areas of creativity, counseling, and motivation. After graduation, I set my sights on becoming a professional UX Designer.

User Experience is the perfect crossroads of the three things I am most passionate about: design, technology, and human behavior. I'm consistently inspired by the way that designed user experiences in software, websites, and video games shaped me throughout my childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood.


10+ years into my career, I have worked on all sorts of software -- from esoteric tools for human resource administrators, to mobile apps for real estate agents, to a massive software suite that powers the entire hotel system at Walt Disney World, to apps for theme park guests to find and book dining at a theme park. No matter how you slice it, my comfort zone is in the deep, dense, open-ended wilderness of complexity with no clear map out. It's there that I've had the most fun, and let a user-centered mindset, solid user research (however that may take form), cross-team collaboration, and unbridled creativity take the reins to create something innovative and amazing for the users.

Are you interested in these things, too? Let's talk!


"Kevin is a great product designer. He is smart, articulate and is able to grasp both the complex details of a project as well as the bigger strategic idea. He is well rounded and has very strong UX instincts and a good eye for design. In the year and a half that we worked together, I was amazed with his strong partnerships with the team, his dedication on doing things right and his understanding and empathy for the user. Kevin would be a great asset to any organization."

Annie Vo / Senior Manager of Product Design @ Disney

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