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Kevin Tully XDRS logo for mobile.png

Enterprise Software Suite

2014 to Present


Real Estate Web and Mobile Apps  •  2021 to Present

Since December 2021, I've worked for Compass on their industry-leading real estate agent software. The work has primarily been working on a small product design team breaking ground on a brand new product offering for agents on a tight deadline.


I can't share much about this yet, but it entails (among other things) end-to-end web and mobile product design, prototyping on desktop and mobile, a lot of on-the-fly scoping conversations, planning and analyzing user research, interviewing real estate agents, service/product design workshops, working directly with product managers and engineering, and even icon and logo design! Compass is the first role where I've almost exclusively worked within Figma, and I must say I love it. Keeping everything in one source-of-truth that's so readily accessible by stakeholders is an absolute game changer.


My time at Compass has been a whirlwind process with a lot of responsibilities, chock-full of the gnarly, big-picture design problems I love tackling the most in my career. I can't wait to share more.

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