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Enterprise Software Suite

2014 to Present

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Desktop & Mobile Experiences for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts  •  August 2022 to February 2024

My work at Disney Experiences (Formerly Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products) has been some of the most exciting of my career so far. It's been a dream role in many ways -- a talented and highly collaborative team, open communication, tons of user research, and every day seems to yield at least a handful of the type of challenges that got me into this field to begin with. I could sum it up by saying it's been extremely fun.

The first major project I worked on was a full overhaul of Disney's Resort Operations System. A full-blown enterprise suite that manages all the hotel rooms and guests staying on Walt Disney World property. I helped my team create a set of experiences that has received glowing reviews and made thousands of employees' lives easier. We did this through careful planning, a ton of foundational user research, and constantly anticipating the next step for almost a year straight. Watching this product get rolled out to the hotels has been so satisfying.

The second major project I've worked on is essentially the same thing but for Food & Beverage locations across the Disney properties. A brand new set of users, with enough overlap in design problems to feel familiar but a different enough space to make the project feel almost 100% novel. This project is in its early stages, and my role so far has been to plan the scope, overall interaction design (think "forest", not "trees") and information architecture for the entire set of applications. I also took dozens of disparate design files from the past seven years and built a 'Food & Beverage' Design Library in Figma for all the other designers on the team to use. Rebuilding all of these designs from the ground-up sharpened my Figma skills and acted as a fantastic retrospective of projects past -- one that will hopefully course-correct inefficiencies, take advantage of the power & flexibility of the Figma tool, and greatly streamline design processes in this space on all projects going forward. This Food & Beverage work will, overall, be a gamechanger for both Disney Cast Members and Guests alike and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to play a part in that.

On top of these two epic projects, I've also worked on several smaller projects for both web and mobile such as updates to the booking process for our Beach Resorts portfolio and updates to our credit card payment terminals across properties.

I'm eager to share more as time goes on and these projects become more public.

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