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Enterprise HR Software Suite • Aug. 2014 - Present




• I am the only person on my team working as both a full-time UX Designer and Researcher.


As a Designer: I have largely worked as Lead Designer on multiple suite-wide "platform" applications for HR Business Partners, Administrators, and IT Personnel to use. Some very big, some quite small.

Other design projects include work on Employee Profile and "Action Search" tools. I am listed as an inventor on 2 patents held by SAP for tools I designed.


As a Researcher: I plan and conduct several projects a month spanning the entirety of SuccessFactors' product line alongside three other researchers. Oftentimes these are usability tests, but they are certainly not limited to that format. We also regularly conduct interviews, assumption validation testing (which I have personally been instrumental in developing our process around), exploratory research, and many other types of testing. Tests are compiled into presentations at the end of each project. Timelines are typically 2-4 weeks. I have also developed a notetaking process that has become standardized, and manage an organization-wide email newsletter sharing pivotal research findings every month.



• Strive to achieve the perfect cross-section of usable and useful. Our software is used by hundreds of thousands of users every day to complete their jobs -- so it's important for it to do what they need it to do, and also for it to not be a total pain to use.


• Work towards continuous improvement --  both in terms of the solutions we design and in terms of best practices and processes for getting stuff done.


• Educate and spread the message and best practices of great UX around the entire (giant) SuccessFactors organization by whatever means necessary.


As a Designer: Uphold a consistent design process, adhere to requirements and standards while always questioning/testing assumptions, always advocate for our users (whoever they may be depending on the tool), work from the bottom up, deliver work that's high quality and on time, stay busy.


• As a Researcher: Find the quickest, most efficient way to accurately test whatever questions our fellow designers, product managers, and other stakeholders may have about our products, and deliver those findings in a digestible and actionable way. 



• Understanding the 15+ module product suite and how it all works together. Innovating while also maintaining SAP Design standards.


• Balancing the needs of our users, with the needs of the multi-billion dollar business, with ever-changing timelines and requirements, and plenty of other variables. I find it's all about excercising the muscle of adaptation; if you accept practically nothing as a constant and plan for change, you become much more skilled at finding this balance.


• SuccessFactors makes a range of products -- the majority of the ones I've worked on are highly complex technical tools made for specialized users. I have to very quickly ramp up in knowledge about these use cases in order to effectively design solutions for them. It's (genuinely) one of the most fun parts of the job!


• Balancing the two "hats" that I wear: one as a full-time Designer, the other as a full-time Researcher. Managing projects on both sides keeps me on my toes at all times


• Educating the organization about the power of both User Experience AND User Research -- especially advocating for "Lean Startup" and "Lean UX" practices within a large organization.


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