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Enterprise Software Suite

2014 to Present

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Enterprise Software Suite  •  2014 to Present

For the past several years, I've worked for the enterprise software company SAP on their Cloud HR suite SuccessFactors. I wear two hats there: one as a Product Designer, and another as a User Researcher.

I have been Lead Product Designer on several apps built for HR business partners, system admins, IT personnel, and employees to use. Some of these tools have been very big and complex, others are very small and simple. On most of these projects, I've been responsible for the entire end-to-end UX process: learning as much as I can about the problems we're trying to solve, learning about our users, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, testing, and more -- all leading up to overseeing the product's actual development. There's nothing more rewarding than speaking with customers about how a tool I designed has improved their workflow or made their job somehow easier or more efficient. Oh! One other cool thing is that two admin systems I designed have been patented by SAP -- this one and this one.

On the other side, as a User Researcher, I plan and conduct several research projects a month spanning the entirety of SuccessFactors' product line alongside several other researchers. These could be usability tests, user interviews, concept validation studies, customer-facing workshops, or something else entirely. It all depends on the questions the product teams are trying to answer. I am responsible for then presenting the findings of the research I conduct to the product teams and any other stakeholders.


Although I knew next-to-nothing about HR or HR Software when I started at SuccessFactors in 2014, I've learned a ton about it over time. Although this role has been challenging, and the problems we're solving are often quite complicated, I've found it to be an amazing and rewarding place to hone my UX and User Research skills. It also gives me virtually limitless opportunities to speak to our actual users regularly about their preferences and pain points, something any good UX-er  will tell you makes a world of difference.

Below are snapshots* of just a few projects I've worked on at SAP SuccessFactors:

* Obviously, none of these projects can really be represented by a single image. Each one entailed weeks, months, even years chockfull of UX-y goodness. I'd love to talk to you in detail about any one of them!

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